With the Album Promo Page, you can easily share your album with just one link. Your fans can listen to your music and chose their favourite digital service to stream, download or buy your album. It all comes in a single nice looking promo page.

Killing Gandhi - Cinematic Parallels

All digital services are available on the Album Promo Page. Your can choose services by your choice or all available - your choice. Your fans will get a nice promo page, designed according to your album and they can easily listen, stream, download and buy your album on their preferred service.

Spitanger - Spitanger

What digital services are your fans using? Spotify - Google Play - iTunes - Deezer - the list goes on forever! Now you can cover them all in just one link. With a pre-listen function and links to all available services, you fans can easiliy get you music.

Sphere - Primordial



One link to serve them all
Instead of putting in a ton of links in your bio for iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc., you now just put in one link! A bunch of links are confusing and minimizes conversion - you can't put in all the links anyway. With the Album Landing Page you only need one link to serve them all.
With the Album Promo Page your fans can easily listen to your album and then choose their preferred digital music service to stream, download or buy your album. The easier it is, the more fans you will get!
Know your fans
Through detailed insights, you will get to know your fans better. Explore demographics like top countries and top cities. Knowing the demographics of your fans, can help you target your marketing efforts on other platforms.
The Album Promo Page can stand alone as a cool designed landing page. It can also be incorporated to your band website and other websites through the use of widgets. Making your music easily available for your fans, is a keystone of getting an increased fanbase.
Social Media-friendly
The Album Promo Page is a super social media-friendly link. On social media you can only share one link per post. Sharing a link for each digital music service is simply not an option. Now you can share all the digital music services out there, in just one link.
Lots of data
You will get monthly reports on clicks, visitors, engagement, click-throughs, geographic distribution, channels, referres, platforms, music services etc. Get the point? All in all, you get a detailed report that can help you to measure your results and plan your next marketing efforts.