What are the bands saying

Isak, Sphere:

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the awesome landing-page you made for Sphere!
It is really awesome to have all the links on one page! sphere.lnk.to/Primordial

Kasper, Killing Gandhi:

HMD-MARKETING has helped Killing Gandhi with our website, social media, plus video and graphic projects. Our website is now easy to update and it pushes Music and Shows to our Facebook Page, allowing the fans to listen and buy our music directly from Facebook. HMD-MARKETING has also created a Album Landing Page which allows our fans to easily buy, stream or download our music from their preferred service.

On the Social Media part, we have a good cooperation. We now have a social media plan and we have gained a lot of real fans on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – not just “hollow-followers” but real and engaging fans! There’s no doubt that HMD-MARKETING has pushed our advertising to a new higher level – much more effective and to a lower cost!

Some of the shots in our new video The Rise And Fall Of A Superhero was shot by HMD-MARKETING, using a drone. This enabled us to get shots that would otherwise have demanded much more equipment, which takes time and money – two things we did not have at the time. HMD-MARKETING has also been recording and editing some live shows and even though it’s not a million dollar production, it’s good content and authentic.

HMD-MARKETING has truly increased our fanbase!